The Ultimate Essence of Design: Making Things Work Beautifully by Anjali Nandkumar

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Let's explore the building blocks of design – the important rules that make good designs extraordinary. Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect that takes design to a whole new level: "Function." In the world of design principles like Balance, Rhythm, Harmony, Emphasis, Proportion, and Scale, we delve into a pivotal aspect that elevates design to new heights: "Function". Embark on a transformative journey into the world of design with our Best online interior designing courses. Elevate your skills, unleash your creativity, and master the art of creating stunning spaces from the comfort of your home, guided by industry experts and immersive virtual learning experiences

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As advocated by the eminent architect Louis Sullivan, "Form follows function" emphasizes that the appearance of an object should naturally derive from its intended purpose. This principle serves as a cornerstone in the world of design, whether applied to architecture, websites, logos, machines, or furniture. The true magic of good design lies not just in its aesthetics but in its seamless integration with functionality. Imagine a pendant light in the kitchen, designed to provide focused illumination. If the light scatters in all directions instead of concentrating on the kitchen counter, it fails in its purpose. Conversely, a well-designed pendant light directing its glow precisely towards the counter exemplifies the harmonious marriage of form and function. Anjali Nandkumar is offering online courses that cater to students with varying levels of exposure to interior design.

The principle of form following function extends to everyday items, such as kitchen stools. Choosing bar stools for the kitchen involves considering criteria like height, space efficiency, and ease of cleaning. These stools exemplify how their form aligns perfectly with their intended function, showcasing the essence of good design.

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However, does prioritizing function mean neglecting aesthetics? Absolutely not! The key lies in striking a delicate balance between appearance and functionality. In our upcoming discussion, we'll explore when and how to enhance the visual appeal without compromising practicality. Additionally, I'll share essential considerations for purchasing furniture, fabric, paint, flooring, lights, or accessories.

In the realm of design, where principles converge and elements harmonize, "Making Things Work Beautifully" emerges as the guiding force. It directs designers to craft creations that not only captivate the eye but also flawlessly fulfill their intended purposes. Stay tuned for further insights on achieving the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in design.

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